Okaidja Afroso

April 13, 2023 starting at 7:30 pm

A native of Ghana, Okaidja Afroso weaves together cross-cultural influences to create hypnotic sonic landscapes. His unique artistic vision has led him to combine his native rhythms with unforeseen pairings of musical styles. A multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and dancer, Afroso hails from a family of musicians and storytellers from the fishing village of Kokrobite on Ghana’s west coast.
In his 25 years of touring and performing internationally, Afroso has performed in diverse venues spanning the globe–from small fishing villages in the Canadian Artic to the Kennedy Center in New York City. He has also spent countless hours in classrooms across the US, teaching children about Ghanaian culture through his educational outreach programs. Often performed in his native language, Afroso’s genre-defying songs convey a whole spectrum of experiences–joy, harmony, tragedy, and hope–that embrace what he calls “the rich complexity of the integrated world we inhabit.”
Through his distinctive style that combines various percussion instruments, vocals, guitar, and dance, Afroso explores the perseverance of ancestral traditions and creates a new, contemporary African oral tradition.