Connection Trio

November 6, 2023 starting at 7:30 pm

The CONNECTION TRIO comes to us from Brasilia, Brazil, and is comprised of pianist Daniel Baker, flutist Davson de Souza, and guitarist Vinicius Vianna. Specializing in Brazilian instrumental music, the trio’s unique combination of talents and eclectic repertoire promises to delight music lovers with its rich and captivating sounds, presenting a collection of original compositions and reinterpretations of Brazilian music classics.

The vast experience and virtuosity of each member creates an interpretation that is both engaging and passionate. The CONNECTION TRIO explores an infinity of tonal possibilities, combining classical, jazz and regional influences in a unique and contemporary approach to the Brazilian instrumental repertoire. The incorporation of elements of choro, bossa nova, samba and other traditional musical expressions makes for a rendition that is an immersive musical journey, captivating listeners from the first chord to the last note.

Fans of Brazilian instrumental music, and music lovers in general, are invited to dive into this unique musical journey, where flute, piano, and guitar meet in perfect harmony, representing the perfect “connection” between tradition and innovation.