Come Back to the Five & Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean

April 25, 2019April 27, 2019

Performed by the Shawnee State University Theatre Department….

In a small-town Five & Dime store in West Texas, the “Disciples of James Dean” gather for their twentieth reunion. Now middle-aged women, they were teenagers two decades ago when Dean filmed Giant (also starring, Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson) in the nearby town of Marfa. One of the women, an extra in the film, has a child whom she says was conceived with Dean during the shoot. The ladies’ fond reminiscences mingle with flashbacks to their youth. Then the arrival of a stunning, but familiar stranger sets off a series of confrontations that smash their delusions, and expose bitter disappointments. This intricately woven tale is by turns poignant and funny, yet always riveting. You will want to come along for every minute of this ride.