Arts Buddy Program

Arts Buddy

What is this Arts Buddy program thing?

Well recent studies have found that one of the biggest reasons people give for not attending an arts event is not having someone to attend with. So we thought we would create a way for two people who love attending arts events to meet up.

We took our inspiration from a fun program on a Brazilian bus line. They reserved seats for people who were interested in making friends with strangers and provided some questions they could use to break the ice.

To start, we will have about three pair of seats reserved per performance. If things go well, we may decide to increase that number.

You can watch the Brazilian bus video here:

I Want An Arts Buddy, What Do I Do?

Call the McKinley Box Office at 740-351-3600 and tell them you want to find an Arts Buddy at one of the 2017-2018 season shows. They will put you in one of the seats we set aside for the program.

On the night of the show, just find your seat and wait for a potential buddy to show up.

You will find an envelope with conversation starters attached to the seat in front of you. All we ask is that you make a sincere attempt to chat with the person next to you. Hopefully you will hit it off and find a new friend with whom to attend shows and visit museums.

After the show, we may give you a call to see how things worked out and find out what might make the experience better.

Wow, This Sounds Great! Can I Bring My Friend?

Hmm, it sounds like you already have a buddy who will come to the shows with you. You should buy regular seats together.

However, if you are interested in getting some conversation starters you can use with your friends, call the box office and give them your email address. We will send you the questions a day or so before the performance.