Stairway to the Arts


This piece of public art is so large we needed to make a video about it. The “Stairway to the Arts” is a bit of a hidden secret in the Vern Riffe Center.

In order to get to it from the lobby, you need to pass through part of the building which is closed the public during performances. Any other time you can walk right through.

However, the effort is worth it. The walls of the stairwell are lined with golden “meteorites” recalling the ancient meteor strikes in the area. The floor of the stairwell has meteorite craters which extend out into the hall and then outside across part of the sidewalk.  Special sconces over the lights create a somewhat eerie look, but combined with the bluish-green colors of the mural, also provide a calm environment where people can sit and chat or read.

“Stairway to the Arts” was created in 1994 by  Donna Webb and Joseph Blue Sky  as part of the Ohio State Arts Council Percent for Art program.

map to stairway to the arts